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1980- Founding of SQ Castor

SQ Castor can trace its history back to 1980 when founded as wheels & castors manufacturing in Kaiping. Mr.Zhang was the owner.

In 1990 Mr.Zhang purchased several units rubber vulcanized machines to expand into the business and material handling.
1995- Start up of rubber vulcanize technology unit
In the early 1990's SQ began manufacturing a complete line of SPECIAL mold-on rubber wheels and solid rubber wheels. Then in 1995 SQ added a line of blue elastic rubber wheels.The elastic rubber the SQ uses is especially durable. It has great load capacity, high tensile and tear strength.
2000- Expand market presence
A subsequent 2000 the polyurethane wheels were put into production at SQ. We continued to develop casting nylon wheels, injected nylon wheels, polypropylene wheels, thermoplastic rubber wheels, pallet truck wheels & rollers. All of these products allowed us to expand our market presence. 
2014- New buildings for wheels and castors

SQ currently operates out of a modern 20,000m2 facility, a 3000m2 production hall and 4000m2 warehouse are built on the property.

Today, we have more than 15 units automotive rubber molding machines and total of 40 units of technologically advanced injection machines with capacity ranging from 100 tons to 1600 tons clamping force and injection shot weight from 100gm to 25 kg.

The company is recognized as one of the largest manufacturer of castors and wheels in China. Drawing on over 30 years of combined experience in castors and wheels, our engineers utilize the latest technologies to design castors to meet specific customer needs.

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